Agricola Mascio

Lot 08/14

Harvest Period

Olives harvested from 24 OCTOBER to 30 OCTOBER

Olives Harvested olives harvested 60

Litres of Oil Made

Litres 1006


15 %
80 %
Leccino and Pendolino
5 %

Olive Oil Origin and Consistency

Red Rocks
Red Rocks Olive Grove

Oliveto characterized by a very stony ground with dry stone walls around the perimeter of the flat and sunny.

Location Trevi
n.trees 981
15.35 %
Love Stricken Horses
Love Stricken Horses Olive Grove

Beautiful and imposing olive grove on a hill overlooking Eggi.
Great olive on a slight slope. On these grounds the horses graze habitually.

Location Eggi (Spoleto)
n.trees 870
84.65 %