Agricola Mascio

Our Product

Our Product

The Company's product is represented by two extra virgin olive oils PDO Umbria - Colli Assisi-Spoleto - named "Gioia di Trevi" and "Principe di Mascio" and by the extra virgin olive oil "Olio Mascio" all produced exclusively from olives harvested in our olive groves.

The decision to produce extra virgin olive oil DOP (protected designation of origin) is gained in the conviction that our Company aims to attest itself as a producer of olive oil whose origin is certified, monitored and subject to very restrictive product quality parameters.

Moreover, the observance of production specifications, attainments and procedures, subject to a control system, ranging from the countryside practices (pruning, topdressing, etc.), oil-mill practices (crushing, cold extraction, etc.) until the preservation, storage, bottling and labeling, allow us to bring into compliance the whole production and put under control the whole productive thread.

The control of the critical points of the production process along with the audits conducted by certifying authorities (Parco Tecnologico Regionale dell'Umbria) allowed us to actuate a virtuous cycle of continuous quality improvement.

The same DOP production process has been applied for the production of the extra virgin olive oil, which has been subjected to the tracing inspections carried out by APROL (Olive Oil Producers Association) of Perugia.

Sensorial Analysis

When we try to idealize the concept of "absolute beauty" for what concern the "Mountains" we certainly get the imaging of Dolomites Alps, or, in the case of "Sea", the Sardinia seaside; in the same way when thinking about "Olive oil" one cannot but associate the ideal imaging of Umbria; and within Umbria there is a place "the ideal over the ideal" where the olive oil is not only quality but also alchemic emotion: TREVI.

So it is no coincidence that olive oil "Principe di Mascio" began as a "classic" entitled to fit in the great olive oils of Umbria.

All the above-mentioned ideal premises are effectively confirmed by the sensorial suggestions where we immerse in the moment that we taste "Il Principe".

We know that the olive oil sensorial analysis was introduced not as a marketing operation, but as an analytic method to identify strengths and weaknesses that even the most sophisticated and expensive laboratories were not able to highlight; as a paradox, however, there is nothing to do to recognize a great olive oil easier than to taste it.

We suggest you that "practical" simple act: taste "Prince di Mascio" olive oil.

Without necessarily being a great expert, you will immediately smell the explosion of freshness from an olive oil that feels "real" with fragrances recalling spices and wild herbs.

The taste will ultimately fulfils such an inebriating "sensorial experience" through bitter and spicy sensations with fair flavor, but sharp.

These two noble and beneficent attributes are, among the others, markers of the Umbrian olive oil and represent the uniqueness of this great product.

Only a great Umbrian olive oil, harmonious in its intensity such as "Principe di Mascio," has no problems when being matched, without running the risk of being "covered", to the most important Italian courses, known for their sharp and noble flavors: soups with legumes, first courses with truffles and wild mushrooms, grilled red meats, diversely dressed salads and bruschettas.

To consult the document related to the sensorial profile click here.