Agricola Mascio

Lot Lotto 9/19

Harvest Period

Olives harvested from 16 OCTOBER to 25 NOVEMBER

Olives Harvested olives harvested 124.6

Litres of Oil Made

Litres 1997


15 %
80 %
Leccino and Pendolino
5 %

Olive Oil Origin and Consistency

Wild Broom
Wild Broom Olive Grove

Wild Broom and Rosemary border this beautiful green olive trees among which stand out superb Frantoio.

Location Falcione – Pigge di Trevi
n.trees 600
30.2 %
Great Sunsets1
Great Sunsets1 Olive Grove

With a sight of 180 degrees on Montefalco hills and valley these olive-groves are characterized by the presence of green Moraioli.

Location Trevi
n.trees 300
40 %
Upland Olive Grove

Situated on a upland on the outskirts of Trevi.
The olive grove is composed mainly Moraioli and some Frantoi of good-sized.
Slightly sloping, its plants are well arranged in rows, as tradition says.

Location Trevi
n.trees 806
29.8 %